Feb 23

Politics suck

I am saddened at the state of things in my country.  The new President is facing all sorts of difficulties getting important things done because he can’t get his cabinet nominations approved.  All I hear is “Well, the Republican’s blocked everything President Obama tried to do too, so it’s all fair“.  The way I actually read that is “Waaa Waaa, we are going to act like spoiled children because that is what was done to us!”  It’s like no one wants to be an adult about things and make a decision based on what is right for the country.  Democrats are acting like children because it happened to them.  Republicans acted like children because things weren’t going their way either.  No one wants to be the adult until the other one does it first!  Seriously?  Both the GOP and Democrats want to lead our country.  But NEITHER will step up to the plate FIRST to act appropriately.  Now, the GOP is all like “The Democrats need to do their jobs.” Funny how just a year ago it was actually reversed.  The GOP wasn’t doing their jobs either! How are we supposed to take EITHER SIDE serious when all they insist on doing is acting out like the “other side” did because that was what happened to them!  It’s an endless, vicious cycle and our country suffers because of this.  Politics suck.