Oct 23

Wait … CaptRosha or Gnume?

I listen to several of the Mixer.Pro Partners and one thing I hear a lot about is to think about your “brand”. So, I decided I really needed to do just that. I originally chose CaptRosha because that was the name I was using in MechWarrior Online. The reason I was using that in MWO, was because I used to play MechWarrior 2 way back in the 90’s, and that was the name I used then. I thought I would bring it back in case any old friends from back in the day would play MWO would be able to recognize me.

So why Gnume now? Well, I started using the name Gnume back in 2005 or so whenever EverQuest 2 came out. At the time, I thought it was clever because I was playing a Gnome Dirge…and I named him “Gnume Awldewe” for “New Me, Old You”. Silly I know!! Anyway, I kept using Gnume in pretty much every game since. I am also an amateur photographer and I have a Facebook Page and Website that I use for my photography called “Digital Life by Gnume”. I have had that going since around 2010. Hence, my brand that I have already sort of started using was Digital Life by Gnume! I was thinking I take digital photographs of people (hence “Life”) and voila, DLbGnume was born! I may evolve it a little further and just drop it all to Gnume, but we shall see!