Why I Stream on Mixer

So why do I stream on Mixer and not on Twitch? “Isn’t Mixer just a Twitch wannabe?” “It will never be as big as Twitch!” “Mixer can’t compete with Twitch!”. Well, let me tell you something that may catch you by surprise. Mixer is different from Twitch. I don’t consider Mixer to be a direct competitor to Twitch because in my opinion, they are about offering different things. Mixer seems to be more about Community and providing those who stream on their service the tools they need to build and interact with their Community.

I know…an odd concept, isn’t it? I am sure some will say that there are communities on Twitch and that one can build a community on Twitch. However, Mixer FOCUSES on the community, not the GAME. Mixer provides such things as really low delay and tools for interactive controls. I’ve used the Mixer FTL service and my stream delay has been less than 1 second! For me, that is simply amazing! Someone can type something in my chat and I can respond as if we were face to face having a normal conversation! There is no waiting for 20 or more seconds for my audience to hear my response and then another 20 or more seconds for them to follow-up and hope that I can keep up with what they are talking about in the chat. It’s a real conversation! To me, that is important. I want to interact with my audience. I am not there to just play a game and let them watch the gameplay. I am not a top-tier, competitive player that someone may be interested in simply watching for my amazing moves in a game. I want to talk about the game I am playing with my audience…hear their thoughts on the game or answer their questions about the game if they have never played it before. The sub-second delay makes that so much easier!

Ok, sure, chat delay may help, but what else you got? Community on Mixer is something that happens because of the chat. Many of the streamers on Mixer follow each other. They interact with other streamers when they aren’t streaming themselves. You start to see familiar names in other streamer channels and suddenly, you find yourself amongst friends beyond a single streamer. You begin to interact with these other viewers and you are all interacting with the streamer. You find that as you go watch @Lagby, you notice that @StreamBritish is also there or @Gfox, @1Madmamma, @BreakofDay, and many others. The chat becomes just as active with viewers talking with each other as it does with viewers interacting with the streamer. And when the streamer decides to call it a day, the majority of them will call for a Raid on another streamer! This is a fun time in itself! Going into another streamers channel as a big mass to spam their chat and pass on the “Mixer Love”. Hang out for a while and you find your community growing. Interact as a viewer…let people get to know you and next time you pop into a streamers channel, you may be surprised as people start recognizing you and saying hello back at ya. That is Community and that is what I have found unique on Mixer.

The Community on Mixer has been such an open and welcoming one to newcomers to the service. I have yet to come across a Mixer Partnered streamer that hasn’t taken time to talk with new people to Mixer…to answer their questions and to help them get started on Mixer as a streamer if they want to stream too. It’s such a friendly and helpful community. It’s also not uncommon to see Yellow named Mixer Staff hanging out in streams…including the Founders of Mixer. They interact with the streamer and viewers as well. Streamers helping each other out is a big recurring thing I’ve noticed around Mixer as well. No one seems to be of the mindset that they hold secret knowledge to success and they have to keep it secret. It seems to be quite the opposite! They want to help each other succeed and to help each other grow their community. You know why? Because in helping each other, it grows everyone’s community! Partner Streamer A is part of Streamer B’s community just as much as B is part of A’s…and if B helps C out, then it also helps out A…and it continues on just like that.

So to try and sum this up … for me, Mixer is about Community…it’s about growing your own community while being a part of a larger community that in turn grows each other’s community. It’s about connecting with a streamer more than it is about what GAME a streamer may be playing. I think that is why you end up seeing many Mixer Streamers that stream a variety of games instead of a single game. So come check me out on Mixer, and while you are there, check out other streamers and you will see what a I mean by a “Community”!